Trees take relatively long (some species up to twenty years and above) to mature as compared to most agricultural crops.  However, trees are a good investment because:

  1. The return on investment is very high in Uganda. Trees can give a return of over 14% Return on Investments.
  2. Despite a few risks, they are a good investment for social security for the future such as school fees, retirement package and they can easily be liquidated under financial stress.
  3. After establishment, they require minimal investment in cost and time but the yields are high and in some cases sustainable especially where they have capacity to regenerate.
  4. It is a social responsibility to create beauty, clean and protect the environment and mentally gratifying to plant trees just like owning a large heard of cattle.

An applicant can be allocated more land depending on availability of the land, progress of other farmers and interest. In cases where there are none performers or land is still available its easier to allocate you another area but some times there may be many pending applicants with capacity in which case you have to be fair and give others a chance.

In such a case, you could be shifted to another area with plenty of land. NFA seeks to avoid situations of communities feeling that someone was given a forest reserve alone when they have the capacity. But in all cases, those interested are required to follow the same application procedures to have a fair process.

As to whether or not one can plant trees starting from the boundary of a CFR depends on the assessment of field staff in relation with the activities on the land and the owner’s relations with NFA. If the owner has demonstrated to be a peaceful neighbor who doesn’t involve in illegal activities in a CFR like grazing, settlement and growing cops such a neighbor would be considered and given priority.

However, a reformed encroacher may be given chance to change the land use of the potion neighboring a CFR. If there is reason to believe that such an individual wants land for other activities but is using tree-planting as a front to acquire the land, NFA would not allocate him land in such an area.

However, such an applicant can be considered for land allocation else where to reduce the temptation for illegitimate use related with land in his neighborhood. NFA’s field staff assesses such applicants to avoid illegal activities through a tree planting license and ensure that boundaries are very clear during implementation to guard against them being shifted.

NFA has a library at its head office with a range of information materials including those about tree species and the relevant areas suitable for them. Similar information can also be obtained from NFA’s field offices located in various regions of the country. People seeking such information can therefore visit the NFA head office or the field offices for assistance.    

Planting is a professional and expensive exercise. In some cases it is not that NFA has not fulfilled the requirement of planting immediately after harvesting but it is a requirement to allow for a bit of time to allow some natural processes to take place, for example in cases where the  stumps may be required to first ‘die’ before replanting takes place.

The second reason is that in order to replant, one must be ready in all aspects, including resources such as manpower, funds, equipment and documentation among others in case of a rotation crop i.e. changing the objectives and species. All this can cause replanting delays but mitigation measures are always provided for. Otherwise, NFA never harvests mature trees without a plan of replanting the area. Harvesting is the ultimate but replanting is the baseline requirement.

This is not acceptable. The land allocated for tree-planting belongs to the government of Uganda under NFA’s mandate. You can only transfer your trees to a third party if you request to have your license cancelled and if the third party accepts the conditions given to you.

In this case it is only the area planted by you that is transferred and the licensee continues where your license had reached e.g. if its 25 years and its year 17, he/she would have 8 years. NFA doesn’t encourage go-betweens (brokers) in tree planting business. If it’s a company one can buy shares in it and its shareholders/board would be required to inform NFA.

NFA is working to prevent and eradicate encroachment and degradation in CFRs. Beyond the CFRs’ frontiers, NFA is promoting private sector investment into afforestation by providing land at minimal fees. The NFA is also encouraging individuals and institutions to plant trees countrywide in order to reverse the declining forest cover in the country. NFA’s other forms of support include providing quality tree seeds and seedlings at affordable prices and offering technical support towards tree nursery and plantation management.

This payment is a regulatory mechanism which aims at controlling the market. This is done to prevent the person who harvested on private land from underselling his competitors. Otherwise, there is no payment necessary if the produce is for his own use.