Executive Director's Welcome Message

Welcome to our Website. The National Forestry Authority (NFA) took over management of the 506 Central Forest Reserves (CFRs) in 2004 after the enactment of the National Forestry and Tree Planting Act 2003/8. NFA has a mandate to sustainably manage and develop the country’s central forest reserves and to provide quality forestry products and services for the socio-economic development of Uganda.

Over the years, NFA has designed varied strategies to enable it deliver on its mandate as spelt out above. Corporate Partnerships and Collaborative Forestry Management are some of the most significant strategies that NFA is focusing on for sustainable management of Central Forest Reserves in Uganda. We have embraced a number of corporate partnerships in tree planting for the restoration of the degraded reserves. We have also developed community partnerships in the conservation and protection of the forests adding hugely to the sustainable management and restoration of CFRs.

We would like to salute all corporate entities and Communities that have supported NFA in different ways throughout the management and conservation of Central Forest Reserves. Through the corporate tree planting partnerships we have been able to restore degraded forest cover in a number of Central Forest Reserves. This is an enormous indicator of public willingness to Partner with NFA in the management of Central Forest Reserves.

On another note, the Community tree planting program 2009-update is another program which has successfully encouraged tree planting in communities all over the country. With support from the Government of Uganda, NFA under this program raises seedlings and supplies them to community based organized groups, community leaders, cultural institutions, individuals and other public institutions like hospitals and schools and many trees have been planted through this programme.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the stakeholders who have raised the profile of issues in the forestry and the environmental sectors as a whole. The efforts they have put in have raised a great deal of public interest and a sense of responsibility and love for the Forestry Sector. As we are continue with efforts to improve the management of Central Forest Reserves, I call for more public and corporate partnerships to mitigate the negative effects of poor forest resource utilization for the common good.   

Tom Okello Obong
Executive Director
National Forestry Authority.